Below are the skill sets that we provide contracted opportunities for, if you have an interest in any of these positions, please fill out the Independent Contractor submission form. Thank You!

Positions Available:

Concessions Operator

Performance Host

Mascot Performer

Princess Performer

Superhero Performer

Seasonal Character

Face Painter

Henna Artist

Balloon Twister


Event Booth Attendant

DJ and/or Emcee

Sound Technician

Marketing & Promotions


Vending Booth Operator

Event Safety & Security

Youth Group Facilitator

Daddy Backwards Entertainment only hires independent contractors. We provide contracted opportunities on a "per event" basis. If hired as an IC, you will be placed on our active work list and contacted as events become available that meet your skill set.

  • An Independent Contractor is a person or entity contracted to perform work for, or provide services to, another entity as a nonemployee. As a result, independent contractors must pay their own Social Security, Medicare taxes and any other taxes and insurances needed. All contractors must sumbit a signed W9 before entering into any contracts with us.

  • Contracts are provided for each event that an independent contractor accepts and agrees to. Each contract is on a per event basis and there is no ongoing "employer/employee" relationship.

  • Backround Checks, due to the sensitive nature of the services that we provide and the audience that we provide services to, we do conduct state and federal criminal background checks, as well as, a national sex offender registry check for every contractor prior to entering contracts. We also stay updated by conducting random background checks of our contractors, as long as you are "active" in our system.

  • Age Requirements: Youth are welcome on our team, however, parental consent is mandatory and any child, ages 16 & 17 (18 if still enrolled in school) must obtain a "Certificate of Age Form ED-301" (working papers) from their school, CLICK HERE for info. Here is a list of opportunities that minors are legally eligible to work:
       16 & 17 years old: Acting (Mascots & Characters), Performance Host, Concession
                                   Stands, Balloon Twister & Vending booth Operator.
        Adults 18+: Any and All Positions Listed.

  • Full Time Employment, we do not offer full time employment opportunities. We do not have a store front or physical office at this time, we operate virtually, therefore we do not have enough work to offer full time hours. We only contract with independent contractors when events are available.