I know you are probably wondering, What does Daddy Backwards mean or stand for? Well, Caasi Semaj is the female version of a "Junior" child, named after her father with a unique twist. You may look at her name and think the spelling is wrong, but that is far from the case, Caasi's father is named "Isaac James" and if you reverse that it spells "Caasi Semaj" and that is where the nickname "Daddy Backwards" originates from. Like her dad, Caasi is bold, strong willed, ambitious and loves to laugh. She is also sensitive, sweet, generous and loves to be outdoors.

Caasi is the epitome of entertainment, she is vivacious, full of life and captures the attention of everyone who is around her. Her silliness and curiousity is at it's peak as she explores the world around her, learning new things every day. She is affectionate and enjoys giving hugs to the people that she loves and bonds with. She loves music, dancing and trying new foods. She is a big fan of Jim Henson's interactive preschool show Word Party and she also loves Elmo and the Sesame Street show. (Fun facts: Elmo made an appearance at Caasi's 1st Birthday party, Minnie Mouse made an appearance at her 2nd Birthday party and Winnie the Pooh made an appearance at her 3rd Birthday party.)


Daddy Backwards Entertainment's Philosophy: To capture the attention of everyone who attends your event through the creation of magical and memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

Daddy Backwards Entertainment will divert your guests away from the demands and stress of everyday life and through amusement remind them what it is like to be a child again. Our Mascot Characters will have your guests in a great mood, while our concession station rentals will make your goodies and snacks to share. There is a saying "Laughter is good for the soul", so it is important to us to provide you with a brief escape from the demands of life through laughter and entertainment, leaving you and your guests feeling renewed and uplifted!

We look forward to providing the entertainment for your next event!