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Daddy Backwards Entertainment understands how difficult it is to struggle with funding the positive work that you desire to provide to your community. Our Goal is to provide opportunities for youth groups and community organizations to generate risk-free funding to help your cause continue your positive work in the community.

Potential for High Profits: Our fundraiser earnings vary, but we know how important your work is, so we offer the best earning percentages that we possibly can on each campaign and there is no limit on how many campaigns you can do to earn funds with us.

Best Value: There are no up-front costs and no minimum or maximum order requirements when you run a campaign with us. This makes it possible for groups and organizations of any size to participate and earn funds for their cause.

Overhead: We cover the cost for all of the supplies for your catalog campaigns and we split the shipping cost 50/50 with you for your order to avoid your organization losing funds on expensive shipping costs. Concession sales campaigns have restrictions listed on the campaign description but there is no overhead if your event is within the restrictions. There is absolutely no overhead on the events promotion campaigns.

Turnaround Time: Once you finish your catalog campaign and submit your group order to us, we process your order immediately. Our products are shipped out within 2 business days for small and medium orders and within 5 business days for large orders. We work fast to help get your orders to your customers quickly. Concession sales & events promotion campaigns are paid within 48 hours of the end time of the event.

Customization: All catalog campaigns are customized for your organization, with your organizations information on the cover. This allows your sellers and buyers to identify and verify the cause.

Unique Vendor Numbers: All groups and organizations will receive a unique vendor number. This number identifies your group or organization and is required to sign up for and order fundraising campaigns.

Catalog Campaigns: Once you register your group/organization, you can sign up for a catalog campaign. We will mail all catalogs via US Postal Service, when your group completes your campaign you can submit your order and payment. Once your payment clears, we will process and fill your order, then ship your order to you and you are responsible for distributing the products to your supporters. You must fully complete one campaign before requesting another campaign.

Event Promotions Campaigns: Once you register your group/organization, you can sign up for our event promotions campaign. Whenever we host community events you can promote the event and give your supporters your unique vendor number, if your supporters pay for the event online they can enter the code in the referral section when submitting their payment, if your supporter pay at the door for the event, they can tell the cashier your refferal code for you to get credit for their payment. At the end of the event, we tally up each referral code and send a check to your group/organization within 48 hours, along with an email confirmation.

Concession Sales Campaign: Once you register your group/organization, you can sign up for our concession sales campaign. If you have an event coming up in the Connecticut area, that is set up to raise funds for your cause and you would like for us to attend and sell our concessions (cotton candy, popcorn, snow cones, etc), we donate a portion of the proceeds to your group/organization. Your earnings will range between 25% and 50% based on the size of the event. There are no up-front costs, only the potential for profits. If you would like us to service an event outside of Connecticut, there will be a deposit required that will be used as a travel fee.

Our Catalog Campaigns are available for youth groups and community organizations in all 52 States of the USA. We do not, at this time, provide campaigns for any groups/organizations outside of the United States of America.

Our Event Promotions Campaigns are ideally for groups/organizations in close proximity to the events that we host. These campaigns require sending physical supporters to the events in order to earn profits.

Our Concession Sales Campaigns are ideally for groups/organizations in close proximity to our business, in Connecticut. If you would like us to travel outside of Connecticut, you will be required to pay a deposit that is used for a travel fee.